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History!!! Where Did Sexy High Heels Come From?

High heels, though a staple of nearly every woman’s closet these days, aren’t exactly the most reasonably designed footwear. We wobble and slip and turn our ankles on every uneven stone, but refuse to trade them in for more sensible flats and sneakers. Where did these Sexy Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes come from?

In 1599, the Persian shah sent a diplomatic mission to Europe, and an interest in Persian culture and fashion swept Western Europe. Aristocrats took a liking to Persian high-heeled shoes—they were bold, masculine, and perfect for asserting status. When the lower classes caught on and adopted the shoes, the aristocracy simply increased the height of their Christian Louboutin Outlet shoes, in accordance with the social order. They were useless on the cobbled streets of 17th Century Europe, but that was the whole appeal: Privileged men rarely walked anywhere, and ridiculous accessories highlighted their luxurious lifestyles.

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cheap christian louboutin had not been the first to utilize red soles as a status icon, either: Louis XIV, King of France, beat him to it by over three centuries. At only 5 feet 4 inches, or 1.63 meters, the king enhanced his stature with heels– always red, an expensive dye. In the 1670s, Louis XIV issued an edict restricting red heels to members of his court; only the preferred couple of can wear this extravagant color.

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Ultimately, though, the unisex heel branched right into a low, stacked heel for males and a slim heel for females, and when the Enlightenment rolled around, guys’s outfit became more reasonable as well as downplayed. The distinction in between classes was disappearing, and ladies– considereded as foolish, bland, and also extremely nostalgic– ended up being the curators of the high heel and also various other pretentious, not practical styles. By 1740, men quit wearing Louboutin uk high heels entirely.

As soon as working as sensible footwear for horseback riding, high heels advanced right into heels and pumps, tempting however unwise signifiers of womanhood and wealth. Style is cyclical, though, and also maybe someday they will certainly be viewed as signs of power and status– and perhaps men will certainly reclaim the footwear that they created.

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The most classic flat that suits absolutely everyone.

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A true wardrobe staple, the Christian Louboutin outlet pump first showed up on the fashion radar back in 1957, when Audrey Hepburn wore them with cigarette pants in film Funny Face. Actress Bridget Bardot was seen sporting a pair of original Repetto flats, which also brought the style into the fashion mainstream.

Other than it’s iconic style history, the ballet pump has always been favoured with the fashion elite for the go-to style for stylish flats. Giving the wearer major comfort factor, giving fashion week feet a rest from the month long slog of heel-wearing.

If you simply can’t face going fully flat, Repetto not only have the biggest and best range of classics, they also have styles ‘Camille’ and ‘Paname’, both with some added heel height. And if this STILL isn’t enough, then you may want to try the trend that’s returned this season and shop our pick of the best summer wedges.

But if you will favour your stilettos, then you’ve got to read our guide on how to walk in heels. Even seasoned heel-wearers will lean something…

For a more modern look, opt for pointed styles in bright colours. We love Sophia Webster’s butterfly emblazoned ‘Bibi’ shoes, available in loads of cool colourways.

Famous faces who are big fans of the ballerina include Alexa Chung, Reece Witherspoon and Olivia Palermo. But we know that most A-list wardrobes include at least one pair of the timeless shoe type. (and we’re guessing at least one of these will be Chanel’s iconic quilted pair). Plus spotted on the likes of Marc Jacobs and Erdem autumn/winter 17 catwalks, the trend is not going anywhere.

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